People worldwide, young and less young alike, are more and more sensitive to impact and responsible investment. We at Vu Linh are increasingly contacted by would be Volunteers, at first curious about La Vie Vu Linh Project and spontaneously enquiring to know more, thereafter offering, sometime quite enthusiastically to join our Project and work for free on the Project’s sustainable activities for weeks and even months, while living a rare cultural exchange experience with the local community.

La Vie Vu Linh acts on several fronts, education, culture, environment, tourism, and the profiles of  Volunteers are also very varied. We  thus welcome every opportunity to receive such Volunteers as they are contributing not only to Vu Linh’s sustainable projects but also bring to the locals new points of view and perspectives originating their diverse  cultural backgrounds.

Different possibilities to get involved in this responsible and sustainable development project are briefly described below:


A volunteering activity:

> for a specific mission, from  2 weeks to several months in different fields such as education, ecology, construction, water treatment, solar or wind power, agroforestry – trees and vegetables , cultural activities, etc….

> for helping to set up the organisation of an event cultural as well as open air activities and help supporting & managing them.


An internship as part of your studies or of your professional training:

The company operating the Lodge could be the internship supervisor; the conditions should be defined with your  education organisation concerned ( schools, universities….).

A minimum of 3 months is preferred, but we put more emphasis on long-terms internships, that may lead to a permanent position in the company.

Depending on the Project needs & resources  and  indeed the success of the mission, such long term internships may lead to a permanent job proposal.

Please contact us for more information about Volunteering and Internships at nguyenquoc.khanh1@gmail.com , managingdirector.lvvl@gmail.com or info@lavievulinh.com.



The evolution of the project will lead in the short, mid, and long terms to the creation of employment. It can be permanent, temporary or punctual (for an event for instance) positions, depending of the current needs and possibilities, in different fields such as chef, engineer, teacher.

We are willing to study your professional profile, so please send your CV and covering letter to same e-mail addresses as above mentioned for Volunteering and Internships.






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