Key People

The on site local team is composed mainly of people from nearby villages. They are employees but also students. Everyone has a position in the team that was designed to fit most with their knowledge and passion. Thanks to the English and French courses our School has been able from time to time to deliver, some of such staff will be able and delighted to discuss with visitors about many aspects of their culture.


Mr. TUONG Van Thuong

Local Coordinator

and a shareholder in the project, with his wife Mrs. Nhat, expert in medicinal plants, is representing the village and the Dzao Quan Trang ethnic community.



General Director

aka Frédo-Bình, a Viet Kieu French-Vietnamese living in Vietnam since 1994, currently general director of the Company LA VIE VU LINH Limited is the initiator of the project together with Mr Thuong and Ms Nhat and also a shareholder of the Company.


Mr. NGUYEN Quoc Khanh

Corporate & Finances Manager

also a French Viet Kieu living in Vietnam since 1996, has joined the project as from 2014. Shareholder too, he is in charge of all corporate and financial management issues.


Seven permanent apprentices (fifty since the beginning of the project), all young people coming from the nearby villages (some from other more remote villages of North Vietnam) are having training courses at our school, whenever the project resources allow to hire a trainer for a period of time. Some of the students are now teacher or manager themselves in other guest houses developed in the region with the support of LA VIE VU LINH. Others have helped some of the villagers around the lodge to be involved in occasional home stays activities.

Other key people include many volunteers and interns who come to Vu Linh for short periods to provide support and advice on how to further improve the project’s activities, most particularly regarding La Vie Vu Linh sustainable development projects.

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