Compagnie Bourlingue, alias FreeWheelin’ Tours, our travel agency partner or

GreenVietnam, an organic farm and an eco-lodge, one of our partners for the Agroforestry Project. They provided us the fruit trees and taught us the basics about agroforestry technics.

ECM Solidarité, is one of our main sponsors having helped La Vie Vu Linh in the early days for the School Project and for the Agroforestry Project and an active provider of funds for our Biogaz and Water Phyto-purification project as from end

Tourisme Sans Frontières & Vision Ethique have sponsored the installation of an Internet network and some other equipment improvements at the eco-lodge. More about Tourisme Sans Frontières and Vision Ethique.

EXO Foundation funded by EXO Travel , is committed to support organisations involved in creating equal opportunities and promoting sustainable development in their tourism activities. Exo Foundation has become an active provider of funds as from end 2015 for our Biogaz & Water Phyto-Purification projects as well as our Agroforestry Project. More information here.

Crowdfunding Partners  : end 2015 La Vie Vu Linh launched a crowdfunding initiative on a French specialised website. A total of 60 contributors have allowed the project to help financing part of the investment capital required to continue working on some of our sustainable development sub projects. May all contributors be heartfully thanked here . We hope a few will be able to come and see on site what La Vie Vu Linh has developped in part thanks to their support.

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