School Camps

La Vie Vu Linh site and available activities both outdoor and in Community workshops are ideal for school green trips & events.


Accommodation can be arranged for up to 80 children or can be organized for more with proper prior advice. A full customised program may be set up to ensure all the children will thoroughly enjoy their stay. Also, the site can be fully privatized on request ! Already many international schools like UNIS, Hanoi International School, Singapore International School or British Schools had experienced a stay or contacted La vie Vu Linh. Plans are plans in hands for extension of the accommodation to 140 and more groups.


Since the eco-lodge is surrounded by rice fields and it has on site its own fruit trees plantation area, visitors can also participate in rice harvest or fields ploughing! There is also the possibility to organize a sensitization program for students through the teaching of sustainable gardening techniques.

Now is the time to come and live an extraordinary experience at La Vie Vu Linh!


Here is an example of one 4-day School Camp we organized in La Vie Vu Linh:

Day 1

Arrival at noon, after having lunch we will explain the project of LaVieVuLinh, our activities, our school teaching, the environment policy and how we conceive the idea of sustainable tourism. Then we will visit our different workshops.

After that the children will choose among activities such as planting tree or cutting weed, making nets. They would be divided into three workshops depending on their choices. During their sojourn they will take an active part in the project of LaVieVuLinh.


Day 2

We wake up early (at 4pm for the most brave to pull up the fishing nets) after having breakfast, each child will join their chosen workshop. After having lunch and a nap, we go on a cruise on our traditional boats, and discover the particularities of this area : the way villagers paddle their boats, the exotic and odd animals living around, the quiet and peaceful beauty of this huge lake, the lifestyle of the Dao among the thousands of islets.

You will learn useful facts about the plants and meet the villagers, during their seasonal activities. Our staff will bring you to beautiful places that only the villagers know. We have free time on the lake water jousting, swimming, those who want can also help to prepare the dinner or the barbecue.


Day 3

We wake up early and have a sturdy breakfast to face a full day walking tour in Ngoi Tu, Yen Hills and the Phuc An Waterfalls. We go up the jungle-mountain, full of wild plants and where few inhabitants try to cultivate this indomitable land The chidren as well as the teacher will be able to handpick medicinal plant and have very thorough explanations from our plant expert Mrs. Nhat. At the top of the mountain, together with Mrs. Nhat, we can pick up the wonderful wild banana flower to bring it back to the ecolodge to learn how to cook it and how to use it for a real ethnic bath !

As it is the last night together, we organize a big dinner with the villagers and the students of LaVieVuLinh all around the biggest bonfire ever !


Day 4

It is already the last day of a sojourn full of meetings, learning, happy time and also intense physical efforts . . . Time to rest to finish the craft, to have a last bath in the lake to say good bye to each other. But we have a last adventure to experience together the crossing of the lake to come back home.


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