Yen Mountain’s Medicinal Plants


Full day walking tour in Ngoi Tu, Yen mountain and Phuc An Waterfalls.


Let’s go up the jungle-mountain, full of wild plants and where few inhabitants try to cultivate this indomitable land.


Join the plants expert Mrs. Nhat, and let’s pick up the wonderful wild banana flower at the top of the mountain,  to bring it back to the ecolodge to learn how to cook it, in a salad for example.


  • Start from LaVieVuLinh (Ngoi Tu Village),
  • Climb up the hill and discover its wild and diverse plants and trees. Learn more about the plants that are used for medicine or for cooking,
  • Lunch break in the Dao style, in the middle of the jungle,
  • Keep trekking up the hill and make a way into the jungle. Meet some farmers who managed to settle rice-fields and other plantations up there,
  • Start to go down till the Phuc An village and its waterfall nearby,
  • Stop in a local bar and return to LaVieVuLinh.


It includes:
Guide, Mrs Nhat – medicinal plants expert, Dao picnic, nougat, fresh drinks.


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638.000 VND/person
Yen Mountain’s Medicinal Plants – 1 pax
531.000 VND/person
Yen Mountain’s Medicinal Plants – 2 pax
425.000 VND/person
Yen Mountain’s Medicinal Plants – 3-6 pax
319.000 VND/person
Yen Mountain’s Medicinal Plants – 7 pax
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