Biogas & Water Phyto-Purification

Thanks to the contribution of several volunteer-engineers, having worked for the Project these last few years, La Vie Vu Linh has the capability today to manufacture a biogas treatment system cheaper by half than the alternative market propositions on offer, while in the same time operating with better efficiency.

The biogas production directly supplies the kitchen and may also produce electricity. Ultimately the hope is to be able to meet all the energy and gas needs of the Lodge in particular for its kitchen needs.

The Biogas prototype for demonstration purposes has been successful during the experimentation phase before 2015 but La Vie Vu Linh has been forced to displace it to another  more suitable location on Site. The works are underway since early 2016 and it is hoped that  before year end it would be 100% operational providing gas and fertilisers to meet then part of the Lodge’s needs ,.Though still in the works in progress status the prototype has been convincing enough for a number of local families to have decided to adopt and install at their homes this new eco-friendly technology.

The Used Water Phyto-Purification system has been developped in association with the Biogas project as it will allow both the treatment of wastewater from the lodge before release, and treatment of residues downstream from the Biogas system in a very ecological way using only plants , sand and natural water purification capability to clean up used waste liquid effluents before releasing them into the Lake. As a jointly developped system with the Biogas, this technique has also been adopted by some local families for treating their homes used waters , instead of the earlier straight release of such without any prior treatment.

La Vie Vu Linh has been able to use the 2 above very eco-friendly techniques to successfully design and fabricate combined Biogaz/Phyto-Purification kits .With the financial support of some sponsors, the Project is planning to complete installation of such technologies at selected local households during 2016, whilst the on Site system will continue to serve to  demonstrating and convincing  additional local households that the adoption of these new technologies is not only contributing to preserve the Environment but  is also economically fully affordable.




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