Cultural Preservation

The preservation of the local culture and the intercultural exchanges are a daily occurrence through the resolving of common problems with the apprentices. Most of the staff are the ambassadors of new ideas and concepts that La Vie Vu Linh wants to see progressively integrated into the local life model.


Recently, a small shop has been set up on the lodge site where local traditional clothes, handbags, and other homemade embroideries can be found. Clients can thus familiarize with local handicraft products and meet Ms. Nhat, a local figure earlier mentioned from the Dao Community, who is directly in charge of the shop.

In future the intention is to set up on site a permament Exhibition of the main Dzao Cultural specificities also show casing how the La Vie Vu Linh has come to life with the support of the local Minority people.


Already every year, on the occasion of La Vie Vu Linh’s anniversary, a Festival mostly for the local people with as main theme Cultural fusion has been organised. It’s an opportunity for the Project to introduce to local people new entertainment perspectives, for instance, circus activities and draw to the site Vietnamese and Western cultural entertainment groups.


As the Festival sets a particular focus on Culture, Traditions and Art of the Dzao Quan Trang ethnic group, visitors will also have the opportunity to mix with locals and exchange directly with them, in a simple and authentic way.


La Vie Vu Linh believes that such events may contribute to convince local people to safeguard their traditions as they are not only their very soul but are also a key contributor to tourism development thus to their economic well being. That’s why despite the lack of finances available the Project has so far always maintained this annual Festival event.





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