The primary purpose of the school is to provide our staff, mainly recruited within the local population, new skills in order to open up for them more professional opportunities.


Also, the students are a natural vehicle to convey to their families and community our ecological messages: respect and protection of their environment, less nature harmful agricultural practices, preservation of the Lake…


Financial aids from NGO’s from project inception have allowed a classroom to be built right at the heart of lodge site. Since its creation, the training program has evolved according to the availability of teachers and the financial resources of the Project.


Topics mainly taught include :

  • Formal subjects as foreign languages ( English & French)  and basic elements about management ;

  • On-the-job training courses in hospitality business skills such as cooking lessons or bartending ;

  • Academic teachings such as art, gardening and sensitization to sustainable development.


The School brings a lot of practical results in that theories taught are immediately put into practice on-site as students are tested on a daily basis in their work at the eco-lodge.





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