Results to date

Working with local populations and trying to change their mindset is always a long-term endeavour. Education and Cultural preservation require a lot of time, efforts… and overall, perseverance. Still La Vie Vu Linh can pride itself to have reached already some encouraging results.

Today, among the 50 apprentices that have been trained at the School since the very beginning of the Project, almost all managed to find ways to improve their life style thanks to the lessons learnt at our Training Centre. Binh became an English teacher, Lu is a manager in a guest-house, Nam is a cook, Luong works for a Korean company… Four families from Ngoi Tu village also adapted their house to create Home-stays, six of them convinced their families to dedicate a small part of their land to Agroforestry and more recently 5 local families have accepted to install and use the combined Biogas & Water Phyto-Purification kits developped by La Vie Vu Linh for their homes.

Additional results will show up in future only if the Sustainable Development parts of the Project can benefit from financial aid to be either allowed to continue to live on or simply to be completed.

To day La Vie Vu Linh after 7 years of operations has not yet reached the self financing stage and has to devote all available resources to its commercial development to survive. It needs all possible outside support to help fullfilling its vision of a responsible business development project successfully reconciling Economy with its Sustainable Development focus on Education,Environment and Culture.

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