The Team

“As indicated in our name, we are from Vu Linh city which gathers some neighboring villages around Thac Ba lake, mainly with a strong ethnical culture.

It all started when I met “grand father” Phúc, a “thay” (a shaman) of influence of Dao Quan Trang community, in 1995. I was curious to know how the people used to live on the lands that have been engulfed by the lake. When the project just began in 2006, the first team was made of Miss Nhat in the kitchen, her husband Mister Thuong and I as handymen. With only 2 palm leaves as a roof, a jar to capture springwater for the kitchen, a traditional Dao stilt house, and a septic tank: LaVieVuLinh was born.

Then, four young people from the village came to strenghten our team: three girls and one guy. They are now veterans who have met other Vietnamese and foreign cultures and can speak several languages. The project’s events made many other people come, committed to help. This is how the different teams were built: naturally. There are neither HR or restrincting terms in LaVieVuLinh. We just ask our members to inform us when they are leaving and to take some time with the new ones to pass on the torch.

Since the opening of LaVieVuLinh, more than fifty people have spent time working there and everybody has answered present when LaVieVuLinh needed them. Over the years, a lot of foreign volunteers have joined the project. They have continued -and still are- to extend the LaVieVuLinh family.”