Phòng nghỉ

Our lodge is made of 2 traditional stilthouses which can welcome 20 persons each. Those traditional Dao stilthouses were built with local and sustainable materials such as bamboo or precious wood. These materials were also used to make the 2 duplex studios. Above the terrace and with a great lake view, the studios are a perfect fit for families.

We also have 3 rooms « Lakeview » with direct access to the lake and 4 rooms « UpperLake » with a stunning and overhanging view on the lake. The Upperlake rooms were built with earthy corridors behind as a natural ventilating system to keep them fresh.

The lodge is mainly decorated with local materials or salvage which are used with imagination.

Phòng nghỉ

phong upperlake lavievulinh

Phòng Upperlake

studio lavievulinh

Phóng Studio

phong lakeview

Phòng Lakeview

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